2024 total eclipse

I’m bummed every time I click on this that it isn’t a thread dedicated to celebrating how kick-ass Bonnie Tyler is.

She’s rad.


Hey @Gio , the 80s called - they want you back :sunglasses:

PS: can you take me with you?? I also miss pink oversized suits and stuff :wink:


I miss the girls’ bangs. Of all the trends to make a comeback, how is that not one of them?

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Some of the better club/subculture fashion trends have increased though. Plenty of goths around today. Or bright color hair dye/bleach/etc.

Trenchcoat dudes kind of got a bad name though so you don’t see them much.

Haven’t seen Mods in a long, long time.

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Omg, I’d be all about this one coming back. I’ve always loved this look.

Interpol used to do something like this early on in their career (Turn on the Bright Lights days).

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It’s a good look!

Another one you don’t see much now is Ska gangsters/molls, kind of Mod-adjacent.

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Ended up canceling those plans - weather just didn’t look good (as much as i hate to trust forecasts). May be heading to VT via a last minute opportunity…

I was born and raised just outside of Syracuse! I’m in Tucson now, but hey neighbor from the past~!

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It was pretty awesome - and the weather was perfect! It was bad the day before and it was bad the day after, but absolutely perfect on Monday. I guess I must have been a good boy…

And that mysterious “hotspot” at around the 6 o’clock position… solar flare or alien ships revealed?? Who knows :wink:


The weather and viewing was perfect in St. Johnsbury, VT. We got about 30 seconds of totality.

My wife, daughter of an astronomer and planetarium director, saved the eyesight of the guy next to us who had put a filter on his telescope, but not the spotting scope and was putting his eye to it :scream:


Argh, that would have been the end of that eye… wow, good catch!!

We got just over 4 minutes, which was almost long enough to stress-test people’s attention span :crazy_face:


here it was completely overcast, so much so i never even had to pick up my glasses. but it was still incredibly cool - not just focusing on the moon meant focusing on everything else and it was still amazing.


We got 4 minutes here, Wife snapped a good pic with her fancy camera:

It was pretty good. Most action this sleepy town has had in a long time.


Here’s what I got, using my DSLR, in my backyard, Long Island NY.


I actually don’t know who made this one, someone in the community who shared it, but they did an interesting composite type image over Lake Champlain:


Still, the views of the horizon and the “sunrise” in the west was pretty cool

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this deserves many more likes, @howard .

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We got 2:46 of totality at my house as we are a bit east of the main path. Still, it was great. It was generally overcast on the day, but the powers that be allowed for enough breaks in the clouds to let us see the run-up and totality for the entire duration. Clouds took over afterwards, but the experience was cool, nonetheless. We were there. Saw it. Done.

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