365 days of bass

So, one year ago, on 22.08.2022*, I got my first bass. During this time playing has become a huge part of my life.
I haven’t been very active here lately, but I do play a lot, with a group of my friends and with a lot of random people at local jams.
Still, it is a pleasure being part of such a positive environment. I think stumbling upon this particular course, and all things associated, is largely responsible for my progress in playing and thus staying motivated to keep it up.

*I know some of y’all are now thinking “who’s this fool, the year doesn’t have 22 months in it!” :joy:


That’s brilliant that you’ve been able to keep up such consistent playing and also playing along with others too!

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little jealous, I’ve had neither the willpower to pick up practise much recently nor ever had the confidence to find anyone else to play with… :melting_face:

Agreed about stumbling onto this course and forum though, an absolute treasure trove for anyone on the journey. Keep up the good work!


Love this.

Also, congratulations and happy anniversary.
Bass life is a good life.

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