8 string anyone?

Very interesting sound, if you can master the double fretboard.


Very nice sound! I’m barely able to cope with 4 strings… let alone tapping…

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It’s very interesting, but if he’s just tapping on both, he might want to just take up piano. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally someone says my opinion of excessive tapping out loud!

I was restraining myself out of respect for the Berthoud fans :slight_smile:

I do admit to enjoying watching Boh go crazy with it though.


That’s true. I can fully respect how difficult it is to do some of these crazy things. I just have no interest in doing them myself, like not even an aspiration. It’s like paying a different instrument to me. Same for crazy fast bass solos. It’s just now how I personally see the bass. Respect and appreciation for the technical ability though.


Yeah. I think Charles Berthoud is amazing, and yet I have no aspirations to go in that direction stylistically myself, at all. Fun to watch though :slight_smile:


I aspire to achieve a Berthoud or Marcus or Victor type of level, but realistically feel I could obtain a Tim Comerford or Justin Chancellor level lol. Tapping is just HARD to do for me. Patting head and rubbing belly squared.

Boh has purpose behind his

As to the 8 string, Boh plays his six string with players on 8 and 9 string guitars. I don’t know 8 strings adds anything

Traditionally an 8 string bass is similar to a 12 string guitar, just has the octave. Craziest thing I’ve seen was a 20 string guitar on Jared Dines YouTube, and he actually plays the frickin thing!

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