9 months playing!

I’ve reached 9 months playing bass now, rehearsing almost everyday, and I can’t believe how far I am now !
This course has jet packed me to some quick heights, and now I am still rising up and up and up !
Just a word for beginners: there will be frustrating times, days, or weeks even, where you’ll feel you are stuck on some level, unable to go any further, but PATIENCE ! With some rehearsing, simply some sleep (yes ! sleep incredibly helps !) and again PATIENCE, you’ll manage eventually, believe me !

Just be kind with yourself, try hard stuff if you wish, but get back on basics sometimes, improve slowly, forbid yourself nothing, and remember: bass is all about practice and precision.

Good luck all with your starting, and know you are at the right place here !

Thanks Josh again for it all !
(When is the intermediate course coming out ? :grin: )




great update and encouragement @xdelanoy !

May I ask please, what did you do after B2B ended? I finished B2B and am about halfway through repeating it, but I also bought four courses on sale from Truefire however they seem to assume a level of knowledge and ability I don’t have yet so it’s a little frustrating. Still, something good to use for practice.


SBL (Scott’s Bass Lessons) Players Path. You’ll thank me later. Start at Level One.


Check out TalkingBass.net. Mark Smith is a great teacher, although very different than Josh.

Still, Mark’s “Bassic Fundamentals” is a good gateway course to prepare you for going from B2B to intermediate lessons, and beyond.


Thanks @EddieJones and @MikeC I’ve combed through the ‘after B2B’ discussions and those you both recommend are at the top of my list. But I’m being a bit of a stickybeak here and curious as to what @xdelanoy has done :smile: I feel kinda aimless some days with practice, so this 9 months update has been a great boost to keep in mind what I can look forward to :slight_smile:


@StartedAt48 Mark at talking Bass or a goal oriented Course from Truefire .

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nice update and thx for sharing

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I would recommend to just start recording, and playing lots of songs. Strongly recommend the “post your covers” thread :slight_smile:

Not all learning requires courses.


Thanks folks. I think I hijacked this thread, my apologies. Back to my B2B lesson!


Well let me hijack you further on then @StartedAt48 (I started at 46)

After i finished the course, i did feel a bit “orphean like”, i admit.
Not so sure where to go, i was repeating BassBuzz’s courses a bit aimlessly.

Then i “ran” for many covers, testing myself on much, trying to nail extra some (and did overtime). I saved songs on Youtube lists, and picked a few I wanted learn for real, and succeeded with patience and time. (some remains on the “to be practising on” list, though, obviously these requires me to measure my learning greed :stuck_out_tongue: )

I had checked online courses, but truly i felt the need to check on some “real” one-one lesson, traditional way, with a bass teacher offline.
It had cost me some budget -rougly 80 $ a month, for two lessons a month.
The teacher managed to teach me some, he had experience for sure, but as a human being, he was not a good person. (much in his own ego, craving my cash a little too much, fakely friendly)
So i stopped after 3-4 months, after he charged me half a lesson price as I had to cancel it: I had some hospital emergency, and you expect someone to be understanding some, especially since he knew i had budget issues…

I resumed on my own, focusing on BassBuzz exercizes, and some I had handpicked on inspirational videos over the internet, & more covers.

Yet, theory I found a pain to invest on my own, and I felt I was going a bit looplike, shuffling in my learning path too much: I needed more assistance, and a “line” to work on.

I then with curiosity checked on Fiverr. After a long time checking, I came accross some Argentinian guy, that is a professional, and which videos hinted me that he owned some high level of human skills.
After a short trial, and for a very reasonable sum (about half I had paid for my offline courses), I am now taking weekly lessons with him, live from Argentina, with the best teacher I could hope for.
Patient, optimistic, cheerful, serious and precise, I am in being efficient in my daily training, thanks to him.
And overal, he is someone I am looking forward each week to meet on my own private bass lessons !

Now has said on previous comment, i believe it is each his own path to go for.
Just in my own case, I am truly content I found this later alternative: weekly lesson keeps me involved and linked with my bass, and the progresses I can clearly identify on a month timeline this way !

Oh and i forgot to mention ! I did meet on this forum some “bass buddy”, that I chat with several times a week with on some social app, sharing documents, exercises, challenges and song to practice on: we started the course roughly the same time, and while we have evolded in different ways of learning, it is a good thing we have each other in this !


Outstanding, glad to hear it! After 3 years of near literal stagnation (my fault, very busy plus excuses), I’ve hired a local instructor to give me more reason to practice more often and to tune my instruction to my long term goals.


Keep it going Sir ! Best therapy out there ! (at least for me)

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