A more specific muting practise question!

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

As usual I’ve searched for existing posts first, couldn’t find quite what I was looking for but please let me know if I’m duplicating this topic at all.

Almost all posts or vids I can find are just variations of the basic muting tutorials. I’m looking for advice/practises/exercises to work on my fretting finger placement for muting lower pitch strings while playing higher pitch strings.
A very brief example of what I want to work on: Cleanly fret a note on, say, the A or D string with my index or pinky while using the longer middle finger to mute the E string.
I see people playing like this and often keeping their fingers fairly flat over the strings as they play, this type of thing seems to be very a efficient way of playing that I want to work towards - unless I’m mistaken? :slight_smile:

I want to start breaking the habit of relying entirely on my thumb or resting plucking fingers for muting lower strings, primarily because until I get better and the floating thumb technique, I find I put too much pressure on the right thumb until the E string is indented into it, which means pulling the thumb off that string then creates more noise!

Let me know if my explanation needs clarification at all!


Ya this is a tricky one and one I would like to know more about too.
I struggle with left hand position in general and fingers etc but its evolving.
This is for sure a more complex move, and can’t find anything to work it either.


Use the fretting hand thumb instead? I think that’s not entirely illegal, lots of people do it. (I don’t, so don’t have first hand experience.)

I find playing a 6 string educational for this, for two reasons. First is sympathetic vibrations are much more of a problem, possibly because the strings are closer together, so more attention must be given to muting.

But mostly because the neck is so wide I am forced to keep my fingers rather straight to reach the strings if my thumb is to be in the correct position in back. I find I must use the pads of my fingers when I fret notes instead of tips, and my fingers don’t bend much if at all. Which is different than how I play a 4 string. I think better.

It’s an evolution. And no I’m not advising to get a six string; it makes the whole thing more complicated. What I should do is put my 4 strings down for a month and play the 6 only, but not that disciplined yet.