A string "wobbly" in tone

Hi All!
I have been searching for a bit for an answer to this question and I cannot find one. I got my new five string Schecter back in October and ever since I got it, the A string has been “wobbly” when plucked, going in and out of being sharp and flat and never settling in the middle. I use a peterson strobo tuner and all the other strings sound great so I can rule out it simply being out of tune. When I tune all the string and compare the A on the E string to the open A, or the open D to the fretted D on the A string, I can hear the A string wobbling while the other note is rock steady. And suggestions?

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Sounds like maybe a bad string or it is not installed properly on the tuner.

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It could also be that the pickup is too close and interfering with the way the string vibrates. If it too close you can get this weird ‘tremolo’ sound when you pluck it.

You can quickly test this by adjusting the pickup closer and further away from the string to see if this has any effect. Make a note of where the pickup is now so you can return to this point if it isn’t the pickup causing the issue.


Yes. Put on a fret wrap and put it on pretty tight right behind the nut.

A strings are notorious for having odd harmonics due to their break angle.

You could also put on new strings, leaving a lot of silk on the tuner so it will increase the break angle by winding more on the tuner.

When I saw it was the A string this came to mind. Gruv Gear is the one I use. I have a couple basses with A string issues. Never heard it on a Schecter but that’s my first thing to try

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(on Fender style headstocks - this does not happen to all or even most brands’ instruments :rofl: )

I get that but when someone tells me they have wobbly tone on an A string, makes me think it’s worth a shot. Something to be eliminated at the least

Really easy to test too, just press down on the A string behind the nut and pluck a few times, see if the tone wobbles

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