Advice needed

I think it was the bass player for Green Day that recorded an entire album with a Yamaha TRBX 304. I started on a 304 and gotta tell you, it’s a lot of bass for the money. I played with an headphone amp for 1 year then joined a country group that forced me to get better.

A 25 watt practice amp like an Ampeg RocketBass or Rumble 25 will work fine for home use. It’ll also work if you put a microphone in front of it and play it through a 1000 watt PA system in a dance hall, you can rattle the windows. You don’t always have to have expensive gear to sound good.

Remember “Your left hand is what you’ve learned and your right hand is who you are.” Don’t remember who said it but it’s good advice and has proven to be true in my case. I had to learn to play with a pick because the right index and middle fingers were killing me after back to back 4 hour shows.

I figured out how to make palm rests so I could anchor my right hand over the pick ups and pluck the strings near the base of the neck with a pick for max tone, instead of trying to do it way back over the bridge where the strings are the stiffest. Learning how to use a pick has opened a whole new frontier for me. Different tone and faster plucking. All this could have been accomplished on my TRBX304, I didn’t have to move up.