After 9 months, I went to my first jam session

A couple of friends and I had a jam session yesterday. I bought my bass (Jaguar CV bass) 9 months ago and have been following Beginner to Badass (but definitely not often enough!). My friends are pretty decent guitarists, and one of them is a drummer and producer.

After a couple of hours messing around with pentatonic blues, we decided to record something and worked on a track one friend had an idea for.

It was my first time playing in front of other people, as well as first time playing along with live people, so I was a bit daunted. It turns out that, whilst I can’t play anything particularly complex yet (I need to work on my stretching and finger speed), I wrote my first bassline and recorded it. I even got compliments on my timing and tone which I’m more than happy with. I could barely believe it was me playing on the track we produced when listening to it back.

I just want to say thanks to Josh for the course. He gave me the confidence to give the bass a go and he’s given me a solid base to develop from. I’m feeling very pleased with myself this morning.


That is just awesome congrats @dave9




Good on ya for jumping in there and jamming. My musician friend kept after me to get hooked up with other players and I’m sure glad I did. Makes you realize we all suck(ed) at one point in our lives, but so did they. Playing in a group seems to bring us all along together.


Nothing beats playing with other like minded people :+1: :+1: :+1:


Good job


Great story @dave9 onwards and upwards!

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