All thumbs

My thumb is most comfortable resting on top of the neck it seems . What kind of neck do you think would work best me ? Thin C shape ? Any recommendations for a bass ?( I am 70 , not sure if age is even relevant )


Welcome, @tp01801. If you have a music store nearby, the best way to find out which neck/body will work for you is to try out as many basses as you can.

It doesn’t matter what you play on them. Just noodle around each different neck to see how your fret hand feels. You’ll learn a lot from this. And bass shopping is fun! Good luck.


As @MikeC stated, try to play different ones. Choose the one that feels best to you. I thought I would like thin Ibanez necks. I got one, and cannot stand the way my hand fits in it. I found that with medium sized hands, I prefer a fuller neck like a Jazz neck. Even a P-Bass neck feels fine to me and they can be quite big.



There are lots neck profiles (shape and thickness combos) out there to choose from.

As is the case with car shopping, nothing beats a “test drive” of a bunch of basses.