Am I a T-Rex? (Cannot find good plucking position with Ibanez EHB1005SMS)

Hey! I have the same bass. I have the same issue. Also I find the tension on the strings with the plucking hand to be a challenge. The G is soo stiff while the E is fine. If I move my hand towards the neck pickup the bass is too thuddy just to get normal d and g tone.(because of the multiscale)

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I have the same issue … especially the G feels like a cheap metal wire. But I did not have time to do a proper setup. I hope, everything will feel better when I have set proper action height and intonation.

When I come back from vacation I will take more time and try everything suggested here, as well as compare the EHB to a “normal” shortscale bass, maybe even a d@mn Fender ^^

Two suggestions. One is Squier Classic Vibe quality is on par with MIM fender with fewer manufacturer issues

Second is the Fender Paranormal Rascal HH is a shortscale with a full size body. I know you didn’t like the smaller body size, this is a great bass with a normal comfortable body. G&L also makes a shortscale with a full body.

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Yeah, cool! Will consider both.

Funny thing is that zzzeee “don’t mention the war” German forum ( got me interested in the Ibanez TMB35-MGR Talman Short Scale, which is 5 string. For the price I could get another cheap 4 string short scale in addition, ie Squier Classic Vibe or something else (Sire U5, anyone?).

By the way: I’m not sure I said that I “didn’t like the smaller body size”.
I do have challenges with the (geometry of the) Ibanez EHB1005SMS body.
This week I am playing the very small Blackstar which also has a very small body … and it plays like a dream. I’m rocking the ressort!
Also it seems to be very popular with the crowd here, as I cannot count how many people wanted to “touch” my little bass. True story!
Yeah, it sounds filthy, I know :slight_smile:

I will post some side by side pictures next week of the Ibanez short/multi scale, the ESP long scale, the black star sub scale and another short scale … in a meaningful way, to show differences in geometry.

Can’t wait for my boring vacation to end and get back in tbe BassBuzz game :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@MikeC has a U5 and loves it I believe. I have never played one and while I like Sire, I can’t comment on the U5 out of personal experience.

If you like the wide range humbuckers, the Rascal got bass of the year in many reviews last year. It’s a really nice bass quality wise, as good as Sire. I hear good things on Talman, never played one.

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I have to admit that I did not play my ESP LTD B-4E a lot, but every time I pick it up, I really love the sound. And that’s humbucker too.

I keep an open mind, except that I want two pickups on my short scale(s), be it P/J or two humbuckers. Just cause I wanna fiddle zzeee knobs ^^

Nobody seems to have played a Talman ever, except zzzeee crazy Germans! Maybe I’ll be the first Dutch inhistory to play a Talman, so finally I have achieved something in life?!

I looked at your review, by the way (YOUR Bass Reviews - #8 by Wombat-metal). Hmmm, what about the Squier CV 70s??!

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The Squier CV 60s with the Novak pickup, the pickup is hot, it sounds great. OMG it sounds so good. Even on one pickup. Comfy to play, and with my injury I am real sensitive to comfort right now. I have had a couple of CV basses, only one I did not like was the 51P

I have a Fender Mustang PJ. Stock, the J pickup is super weak. I know bridge pickups are weaker but this is extra weak. I swapped the stock pickups out with DiMarzio Model P/J ceramics and it’s like perfect. The neck is nice, like a Sire, no complaints on build quality. People rag on the build quality out of Mexico, but that’s not my experience. The best fit and finish of any bass I have owned is my Fender MIM Telebass. Still, buyer be ware.

In general, the Fender Player is not worth the extra cash over the Squier CV IMO, but the Fender Mustang is a PJ, and the Squier a split coil.

@Barney has one

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I agree with this. The CV line is pretty good. It is however also probably the lowest tier Squier I would buy; one is way way better off with Ibanez or Yamaha’s entry models over the normal cheaper Squiers (Affinity, etc).

I do have a soft spot in my heart for my Sire U5. I went through the first half of B2B with it. It’s not only short scale but its body is also scaled down from the size of a long scale bass; very much like an electric guitar feel.

I originally bought my U5 because I was used to playing guitar. Long scale basses were uncomfortable for me back then. But, like many others, I quickly got used to long scale and I don’t play my short scales much anymore. My U5 and Sterling StingRay are still great in their own right, but long scales are my go-to.

I owned an Affinity and was not impressed. Squier CVs are good quality, Paranormals are better. If you do get your hands on a Talamn I would like to hear your thoughts

I kind of want a squire cv 70s p bass to put flats on for the iconic vintage bass vibe, but I don’t think I want that badly enough to buy another bass for it. I should probably try flats on my bb434 before I buy a whole bass for them too I guess, but I like having rounds on that one so…

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Yes I have one @Whying_Dutchman . Cheap project bass that I modified a little bit. I play my P Bass 99% of the time, so it hangs on the wall looking gorgeous. I should sell it’s but not worth the hassle; so it’s now my holiday / hanging out on the deck bass.


Ok, now I know how it feels to be 1% @Al1885 :slight_smile:

I have four “real” basses at my home now - from left to right:

  • Ibanez TMB35-MGR Talman Short scale
  • ESP Ltd B-4E NS long scale
  • Ibanez EHB1005SMS short/multi scale
  • Blackstar Carry On Bass sub scale.

In terms of ergonomics, the long scale ESP and the sub scale Blackstar are the best for me. I can easily reach all frets and pluck wherever the f#ck I want to pluck.
The cheap TMB35 is also very OK. Good enough to keep.
I still have issues plucking near the “bridge” of the EHB1005SMS - though the neck is really heaven!!! If it were for the neck only, the EHB1005SMS would blow everything else out of the water!!! Can’t believe how great it is!!!

In terms of tone, the ESP is the best by far.
I cannot say anything about TMB35 as the setup is all over the place. (while plucking, I have terrible fret noise on all finger positions!).
WTF? I never had a bass that was so terribly setup, so I will do this today and test again. If it sounds good I might keepm it (and have some money to get another 4 string :-))

Looking at the picture, I don’t get why the EHB1005SMS does not allow me to reach the bridge position for plucking without assuming exotic yoga positions.

Why, oh why???!

There is definetely a problem here, so I will send it back, as much as I wanted to love this one!

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I really dig the ESP B-series. Just nice modern basses, very much my style. Soft spot in my heard for double-bucks, even if I don’t own one now.

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Yeah, I am quite sad to let it go. Today I had a video call with a potential buyer, and he seems to be the person I would trust to give it a good home.

Still, I played the ESP a little after the call, and lost myself in its truly wonderful tonality!
I would keep it if I did not have the strict “only two basses allowed” rule, enforced upon me by my bl@@dy dictator girlfriend!

Still fighting with the setup of the TMB35 too. I set the truss rod overly loose now, to get rid of the very prominent fretting noise. No luck.
Now I am looking at the bridge. Could it really be that the TMB35 was not setup at all at the factory??!
I hope, I can balance it out, as I am a fan of really low string action - don’t understand why this bass is so noisy!?

My ESP and Blackstar - two very different basses - can be setup to very low string action, without any unwanted fret noise at all…

Very common.

When I put the bass in between I usually “hug” the bass compare to hanging.

My issue with the ergonomic is not the plugging position but the angle of the neck. It usually tends to be pointing up and more than the flatter neck position I prefer.

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My parents wanted me to play the f#king flute! I should have listened :slight_smile:

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One thing I know would cause me problems plucking at the bridge on that multi scale is the ‘angle’ of the bridge. When I’m plucking my hand is fairly perpendicular to the strings and as I move down to the higher strings I seem to move a little further to the right which really wouldn’t work with that MS bridge!

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