Anybody looking for a Fender bass?

Hey All,
I am looking for new homes for two made in Mexico Fenders that are in very good condition and play great.
#1 is the blue fretless Jazz bass. It has flat wound strings and a Warrick bridge. It is from 2001.
#2 Is a rare Zone P/J active bass that has amazing tone tuning with the active low/mid and high pots. It is from 2013. It has a new set of Ball slinky strings on it.

Both have no dents, scratches or dings. Fret boards and frets on the Zone are in VGC.

I am looking to get $500 for each of them and I would split the US mainland shipping cost for them.

Message me if you are interested and I will send more pictures. Thanks for looking.

Rock On!

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Shame. I would have seriously considered #2.

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I will consider international shipments. I have done several on the Head Fi forum so I know about the paperwork required. If you want to go for it, let me know and we can work it out.


Thanks for the offer but It was already a little bit over the budget I’ve more or less settled on for now. International shipping & waiting time & shipping cost is (unfortunately for you) enough to tip me off the fence I would be sitting on :wink:

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