B2B Begins - A New Hope

Congrats on the completion of the course! Any take aways? How much have you improved since the beginning? Any tips? I am starting module 11 but I am barely a month in. Just trying my hands at songs I like for now and then will start lessons again on Monday.


Hey @WillieD, thanks, I have been trying to learn guitar for a little while now but really struggled for consistency. I’d bought a bass quite a few years ago and enjoyed playing some Rocksmith on Xbox in the early days, but never really learnt how to play.
B2B has been great, it’s helped both my bass and guitar playing and knowledge of the instruments. I’ve improved considerably with my plucking. Before B2B, I mostly used my index finger and always anchored my thumb on the pickup. Now I comfortably alternate index/middle at a reasonable pace and move my thumb down onto either the E or A string depending on what I’m playing. I think the biggest surprise was going back through the “quiz” - basically just seeing if you can play various workouts throughout the course. Some of these I hadn’t played in quite a number of weeks and within a minute or two, I was in full swing with them.

I deliberately didn’t want to go too fast and would typically do no more than a couple of lessons at a time. Josh mentions a few times that frequent practice is better than long practice once or twice a week. I think the casual pace I took was really good as most lessons were only a little bit of a challenge. My brain had time to absorb what was in the course. I think if I’d raced ahead, I would have gotten frustrated as things would most likely have felt harder. Usually if I struggled with one of the medium or fast workouts, I’d drop back to the slow. I tried to not get bogged down though and would move to the next one if needed.

One thing I really enjoyed was playing the backing track without the bass. I’d start with the bass track and knew I was going ok if I couldn’t hear Josh on the bass. Once I was ok with that, I’d go without Josh on bass and see how well I kept up. Most times I was pleasantly surprised.

If you’re already up to module 11, I’d probably slow down to let some of the stuff sink in.

I’m going to try some more of the 50 first songs with the aim of playing along to the actual song.