Back And Excited

Hello All,

Bass Buzz or Bass Bot shot me an email informing me that I last logged on Sept 20BLK Jack. So I am pleased to be back with you all and looking forward to building relationships again.

I have been noodling around on the fret board and still learning through YouTube videos, as we all seem to do for time to time. Would happily share two of my favorite teachers/channels if you are interested.

I am approaching my third summer of playing / learning the bass. Have yet to sit in on my first “jam” but my confidence is soaring these days. I began teaching myself with a beautiful 5 string Ibanez Bass. Just this winter, November to be clear, I purchased a used 4 string Ibanez Bass. My latest routine is picking a new tune or tab with the 4 string and the next day having at it with the 5 string. Loads of fun I tell ya!

My goals:
Check in with members from the past
Share ideas and questions
Are we still zoom meeting with each other
Where are you in terms of the course
When is the next 50 song challenge starting
What are your daily go to practices with 5 or 4 string bass
Do you have a favorite warm up exercise

Anyway, thanx so much for your time and all the best,


Welcome back @travis.thepadre.reed ,
Most of the locals are still here, and there are plenty of new members.
The B2B hang is on this weekend, if you check the threads out you will see the timeline.
For me it’s 8.00am Monday morning, it is 21:00 utc Sunday in the US.
John @John_E and Pam @PamPurrs have a tuitorial on over this weekend as well for those learning to record covers etc.
Cheers Brian


It’s great to see you back. I was wondering where you disappeared to.


Welcome back… All of the 50 songs for the challenge are posted - the dates kind of fell by the wayside. Feel free to attack any or all of them as you wish… :slight_smile: Enjoy!


Good to see you back, sir.


@TNKA36 , Thanx So Much
@PamPurrs Doing Well - So Busy During The Winter Months - That Is A GOOD Thing
@skydvr Dynamite
@autumnsdad1990 Thank You And Much Appreciated