Back in the bass saddle!

After a thirteen year stint as bassist for “Grace On Fire” at my parish in southeast Michigan that ended when we were shut down due to the Covid and the passing of our praise leader (and good friend) from brain cancer……I’m back in the bass saddle as Sunday morning Mass bassist at my new parish starting in November!!! I’m also going to be the back up bassist for the praise group at that parish!! (Long story short: praise group bassist can’t do Sunday Mass due to location/job limitations, but can still do most praise concerts. Any concerts he can’t make, I’m backing him up with the group.) I’m confident about my skills, but nervous about working with an entire new group of singers and musicians. The best thing (?) is that I finally get to work with a drummer. I didn’t have one with “Grace On Fire”……I have seen/heard him play and he’s a very straight forward/not fancy time keeper. I’m looking forward to getting out of the “bedroom” and back playing in a group. Happy, happy!!


Congratulations! I one day would also like to play in the Worship Team.

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Congratulations. It’s good to hear more people are playing again.


What are you waiting for :slightly_smiling_face:

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