Back on track!

When I first bought B2B, the plan was three months and I’d be a badass. COVID sidelined me for quite a while. Even after I recovered, my brain just would not work right. No concentration and total lack of focus. This went on for a while. I finally made the decision to start totally over and push through the brain fog. I restarted and things were easier. I am now ahead of where I was. Just finished “Higher and Higher” and did okay. Got through medium workout with no problem but I’ll have to revisit the fast workout. I love love love the Ray34. The sound with the D’addario Chrome Flats is amazing and it had a perfect setup on it when I got it. Now, onward James!


Kickass, Eddie!


Good to hear!


I thought once Covid was gone, it would be gone. Little did I know the lingering affects would continue for a long, long time. I still have bouts of brain farts and lack of focus from time to time. My Dr. told me it could take up to a year to a year and a half to get cognitive function normalized. It made me full dull and stupid for a while.


Dang. Friggin 'rona. Good you are feeling better, though. Take your time, it’ll come to you.

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