Bass Cover - be kind

I’ve only been playing a month. There are a couple of mistakes, I know those. More interested in for a month does this seem reasonable (I am still very sloppy, lots of rattling). I don’t have a good audio setup at the moment so this is off my phone, with my bass plugged into a Rumble 15 and the song playing on a Bose Soundlink.


welcome to the cover club ! we have a dedicated post for this, you could post here to keep the things stored in the right place :v::grin:


ThankS @terb I looked and all I found was show us your basses and share you’re favorite lines. I will move it.


direct link of this cover on the dedicated thread : jazmo1999 : Traveling Wilburys - Hande With Care

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Thanks @terb the site won’t let me remove this thread

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