Bass gateway for guitar?

I think bass is definitely a gateway for guitar (or other instruments in general). I’ve only been playing bass for a month and I already know it’s only a matter of time before I pick up a guitar. :guitar:

More and more I find myself thinking I want to pick the guitar also. It will be a whole new world of GAS for me, and that’s the only reason that delaying the decision to buy one. I don’t have room for another amp and pedalboard :sweat_smile:

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Weirdly it did not trigger my GAS.

Your bass pedals will work fine with it!

Should we start linking guitar pr0n? :slight_smile:

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Oh, but I need more. There are a lot of pedals that I want to try on a guitar

Yes, please!

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Here’s a nice Gretsch 6120 :slight_smile:

My friend has a 5120 and it sounds incredible.


I wonder if those that play the guitar after the bass tend do be more rhythm guitar than lead guitar? That would be my assumption (though I could be wrong!).

I also wonder how many bass players go on to play drums as well. Clearly a strong connection between the bass and drums.

Actually I find lead easier. Rhythm is the hard part - rapidly moving between chords.

Rapidly moving between single notes is easier, that’s like playing bass, but on a tiny neck :slight_smile: