Bass lesson journey

As I said in a previous thread, I fell in love with the bass when I heard the disco sounds of Chic, Duran Duran, Taste of Honey, and the Bee Gees. Rio in particular made me go to the pawn shop and buy a low end Washburn. I simply loved it. However, I thought I could sit down, pick out the bass parts and play. It did not work. At all.

So after 15 years, I looked for a course.

Now I am on module 4, and purchased the course Jun 28, so a few days into it. I am really, really, enjoying the lessons. I will not lie, and was skeptical. The pitch for the courses was over the top and slightly … well, I will not say unkind things here. Let’s just say my initial skepticism was wrong. I am at the point where I have to learn the music alphabet, and since I am obsessed with music theory and talked about it here non-stop, I get my first exercise.

I am simply astonished on what I am getting from this, and how far I am going. I still cannot believe it. So thanks.

What I really want to do is learn the fretboard. That’s going to take some time, but I cannot even start that until I can say the music alphabet backward and forward.

I am going against the grain and taking a music theory course. Youtube has a full series from Yale for free, so if it is free, why not? In between learning technique and silly delivery in the videos, I get the stoic, formal, and the angry older man talking about circle of fifths. :smiley:

So where does it all go from here? I am hoping it comes to the point where it all makes sense, comes together, and I can enjoy playing the bass. In time, in tune, and all the right notes. Others did it. I really hope I can, too.


That’s not really going against the grain – there are others who did the same thing, present company included. If I remember correctly, I more or less predicted that that would happen, seeing as to how you were interested in mastering multiple instruments. :smiley:

So yeah… sounds like a good approach! It’ll help you further down the B2B road as well.


Learning fretboard is vital, so you’re on the right track. The nice thing is, the fretboard on the bass is laid out in a mathematically logical manner, so once you understand intervals (also vital), the fretboard is a piece of cake.
I’m also a music theory fanatic, as are a few others here. You’re in good company.


5th fret: All Dogs Go Camping 7th fret: Bead. My wife LOVES beading, so those should be really easy to remember.


I am close to module 9 and have been using the course as a way to learn sheet music and ignoring the tab 100 percent the whole time and I am thoughly enjoying the course as well, just am very disappointed when I have to go back to work because I won’t have as much time to practice and I have made so much progress during the quarantine.


reading sheet music is helping me learn my notes that I had trouble learning specifically d string g string area around 6 to the 11th fret is where it starts getting fuzzy for me but the scales in the book on the extra materials really helped me to memorize these notes here…


The strings follow a pattern of CFBEADG no matter what fret you’re on. Once you’ve got a handle on that sequence, you’ve got it made. (You just have to be aware of where the flats come in)


More specifically it’s CFBbEbAbDbGbBEADG - and round and round


I challenge you to come up with a mnemonic for this.


I went to C the F’ing Bee (EAD) Gees


Yeah, me too. I am simply amazed at what I can do. Never thought it was possible.


Why do you think this is against the grain? I think a lot of us learned theory elsewhere.