Basseducation pricing going up May 1st

I know there’s a talkingbass sale going on, but I’d also point out that Damien’s prices at basseducation are going up on May 1st from $7/mo to $10/mo and from $75/year to $100/year (edited as I was wrong initially on the annual price). However, if you sign up prior to May 1st you get grandfathered into the lower price as long as the membership is current. Currently the lifetime membership is $150 so I’d guess that is either going up or going away. If you sign up for the monthly or annual membership you get a 24 hour free trial as well prior to being charged.

I signed up for a one month membership to check out his offerings, so I’ve got another month to decide on if $150 for lifetime access is worth it and if not, use the $7/mo for a few months to go through the stuff that looks interesting.

Within 17 minutes of signing up, I got an email with a personalized video from Damien welcoming me to his site (it was 12:40am on the east coast). I had read that someone got the personalized video and kinda blew it off but I was genuinely touched.

I know @T_dub and another user had commented favorably on his coursework. After I get a chance to go through some of his stuff I’ll add my own thoughts. But I still need to get through the 30 day bootcamp; I’m through Module 8 and on Day 18 so I’m 2 lessons behind. Got my 10-year old kid to start playing and go through bassbuzz and they’re through the first two lessons.


Just signed up! Not even 15 minutes later I got the personalized video. Really nice detail!


@PamPurrs, beyond chord tones what other talking bass courses do you reco? With a sale. Worth locking a few in. Loving chord tones.


It depends on your goals. The scales course is good for getting a handle on the various types of scales. I also like the Walking Basslines course.
The ear training course is also good.
The sight reading course helps in many different ways, even if you don’t have any intention of becoming a sight reader.

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Hey @pampurrs what did you like about the walkingbass course I was thinking of missing that?

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Everything! It’s one of my favorite courses.

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The full year price is $75 ($80 if you use Paypal to pay) not $100. At least it was the lats time I was talking to Damian via E-mail (10 or 11 days ago, but I am just back now, and have not gone to that site, I am catching up here first.). Unless it shot up to $100 for grandfathering purposes, but when I talked to him the other week, talking about how I turn my paper money into his membership, I am pretty sure he would have told me, he knows a little about my story, and wouldn’t hold back that info, unless it so new, again, IDK yet)

Regardless of price, Damian is a really amazing player, and is really really cool, I talk with him often, on e-mail or in the forum.

His classes are less produced than on other people sites, but its really more like he is in the room with you talking to you.


Damian’s prices for all current members will be grandfathered in. Right now he is offering life memberships for 150.00 which includes both of his books. The monthly membership fee will go up to 10.00 per month which is super reasonable. I have progressed so much over there it has been worth it. I actually do 2 private lessons with him a month as well. Totally down to earth and easy going. I can’t say enough good things about his teaching. As for Walking bass He had me walking through Jazz standards within a week of being on the site. I agree though they may not contain all the bells and whistles of other sites videos you cannot beat the personal connection he makes with each student ensuring they are on the right path.


For anyone interested, Damian is offering a special rate for the lifetime membership on occasion of the 2nd birthday of his website. I think it is USD 120.

The offer expires at midnight today (PDT, I would assume).


I got the lifetime membership last year.
Sadly, I don’t get to that site all that often, but I knew that it would come in handy sometime within my lifetime, so I got one before May1st when he had the deal. I think it was $100 last year, but IDK for sure.
Hopefully I get some time in soon and can get back to watch some of his great lessons, and join the forum some more