Beginners song pack query

Hi all,
I’ve just been looking at the songs in the beginners song pack and wondered if there was a way to hear the backing track too? Unless I’m being dense and missing something obvious, it only plays the bass track. Is there something I’m missing?

Cheers all, Steve


Hey Steve, due to copyright blah-di-blah, if you want to hear the actual song you’ll need to look it up on Spotify, Youtube or something. You can just pull it up in another tab, start the song, then go back to the song pack page and you should be good to go.


Or use your phone, or YT on tv. I can’t pull it up on YT on my I pad which I use for all the lessons and tabs, because you have to pay for YT premium for it to play in the background.
it’s pretty easy to. Come up with a listening method.

And welcome to BassBuzz @steve.harder2012, nice to meet ya.