Billie Jean is a Wicked Mistress

That was cool!


Damn! :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:


me, today:

‘oh crap - this is the bille jean lesson i keep reading about.’
‘oh ok this is not so bad’
‘wait it’s not just those first 4 notes?’
‘wait we change down a string halfway through?’
‘wait you want me to do this HOW fast?’
‘wait that was the SLOW workout?’

then i had a bourbon.

i do think as mentioned on another thread that using a slow metronome is my next step - great idea. now i need my bourbon to wear off.



Edit: lol that was posted 2 months ago :joy::+1:


Told you so :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Slowing any unfamiliar song down and doing it bar by bar is how a lot of us do it.
Just try that lesson and move on but do come back to it later until you can play at least the slow version.
All the Best, :+1:


I was happy with my progress until I hit Billie Jean. But, a couple hours spent with practice, and now it (mostly) works. A good choice for a challenge song, I think.


Every day I am coming closer to my second anniversary of my first tackle with Billie Jean and I still need to slow down to get it right (kinda) sometimes :rofl:


Figured I’d join in and explain how I’m tackling this challenge.

I got the fast track down (a playthrough without mistakes) repeating the lesson through grinding the muscle memory, but when I played it without the music I just couldn’t figure out why it didn’t sound right.

Then I thought it’s not really an eighth count, it’s more like DO du du du Do du du du as sixteenths. I tossed it in guitar pro and played along and picked it up like that a lot faster.

While I’m still continuing the course I added Billie Jean to my to-do list as a part of “Songs” and I changed the tab up a little bit based off my guitar teacher’s ear.

Since it’s a little tougher on the fingering, I alternate the bass notes (1 count) with a 60bpm drum track and add the sixteenths in when I’m feeling in time. I took this challenge way out of the lesson, but it’s doing wonders for criticizing my left hand technique!

(I deleted post a min ago because of a mistake in tab)


Good on ya @wrxloaf !

If you need tabs check the 50 First Songs Pack. @JoshFossgreen and @Gio went through and verified every note from scratch. Billie Jean is in there. Every note from beginning to end.

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Great resource! I think I need to beat my pinky into submission to really get going though. My biggest barrier right now is getting the “octave shape” beaten into being “comfortable” rather than micro-shifting or thinking about my pinky behind close to the fret line.

Watching all of the lessons and many other covers nothing is more apparent than the casual left hand using all four fingers relaxed. Envy!


Check this out. There is a synth bass and electric bass played together in the original track:

The whole video well worth watching :slight_smile:


Beat me to it by one :slight_smile:


Ahaha well this is a fun plot twist for “Hearing it.” Thanks for sharing.