'Billie Jean' lesson is a giant step in the beginner course!

I arrived at BJ two days ago. Through reading in the forum’s I already know about its infamy. The lesson went quite well. But on the first workout it all broke down. It was waayy to fast for me.

I dabbled a bit on the side with it and barely manage 50bpm but I’m moving on for now. And come back later to see how it goes.

And yeah it’s a confidence destroyer. But it’s the intend of the lesson at that point in the course. What it wants you to learn is not actually the baseline. But dealing with a roadblock.


Don’t despair @Fou_Lou & @Jim_May ! Just keep going with the course and come back to tame that she-devil later on. Most of us here have encountered the same problem and a few of us now use BJ as a warm up exercise.