'Billie Jean' lesson is a giant step in the beginner course!

I arrived at BJ two days ago. Through reading in the forum’s I already know about its infamy. The lesson went quite well. But on the first workout it all broke down. It was waayy to fast for me.

I dabbled a bit on the side with it and barely manage 50bpm but I’m moving on for now. And come back later to see how it goes.

And yeah it’s a confidence destroyer. But it’s the intend of the lesson at that point in the course. What it wants you to learn is not actually the baseline. But dealing with a roadblock.


Don’t despair @Fou_Lou & @Jim_May ! Just keep going with the course and come back to tame that she-devil later on. Most of us here have encountered the same problem and a few of us now use BJ as a warm up exercise.


I am at M4 L6 in the B2B course, where Josh is covering the Billy Jean riff. I am finding it very difficult to even do the slow workout. I was not getting anywhere with it and then memorized the frets & string positions. I can now play it (by myself) but have a very difficult time keeping up with the slow workout.

I do not think that my short, fat fingers are helping me too much. Ha! But I will keep at it…


Many of us (myself included) revisited BJ after finishing the course and found her not to be so impossible after all. Today, she is part of my daily warm up routine. Skip over her if you need to. She’ll be waiting for you when you become a bad ass bass player.


Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, Pam. I am feeling like I need all the encouragement that I can get. I will be 71 years old in less than a week band I should’ve started this “journey” about 40 years ago - ha! I do like the way that Josh is so “positive” in his videos. That keeps me going!


Ha! You’re just a youngster. I was 70 when I started learning bass.


I’m sure you will get it. I went sort of ok, but definitely felt very difficult to begin with. I periodically went back and tried again. Eventually I could play at fast pace, but need to practice more if I’m to play along with the song as it repeats soooo many times :upside_down_face:

Josh’s positivity is infectious and certainly helped me :sunglasses:


I got to Billie Jean last night. I think I spent at least a couple hours on it, but I went from “how do people’s hands do this stuff?” to “oh I think I’m getting a hang of it”. I was able to kind of keep up with the medium tempo for a bit, but I still get a lot of buzzing. I think that’s from playing a wee bit faster than I’m able to fret atm, but I’m sure I’ll clean it up over time. I’ve only been playing for a week and I keep surprising myself!

Keep at it bass brother and you’ll have it under your belt soon I’m sure! :slight_smile:


Welcome, @tylerw889. Glad you’re here. Please pop over to the Introduce Yourself thread so the B2B gang can welcome you to the family.