Born Under A Bad Sign Help

Trying to figure out the bass Intro to Born Under A Bad Sign by Pat Travers.
Just can’t get it, Any help!

Really funny…actually one of the first songs my band played (different lead guitarist). Ummm…we have come a long way from this recording (4 years ago, no band experience) but what the hell, I’ll share it.

If you learn to do a walk down in rectangle shape, you should be able to play this song. Play 4th fret On D string to start then 2, then 4 on A String followed 2, 4 on d string 2 on g and back to 4 on D again (root note). Hope that helps.

Oops, intro…not sure.

Thanks anyway.

He is doing some chords. Bassist is Mars Cowling and there are live videos of him playing. Maybe that could guide you in right direction? I couldn’t find tabs and my ear training isn’t good enough to pick it up.

Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out.