Buying new amp!

Tuesday, I will probably buy a new amp. Budget about $250.00-$300.00. Will consider used. Local Trace Elliot combo I think I could get for $150.00. New Peavey combo about $225.00 through Amazon. Fender Rumble 100, Orange 50 watt, Hartke or GK. I am sort of a beginner but have picked it up very quickly as I was a hack guitar player so have a good theory foundation. Working on speed and accuracy. May also trade a MIM Fender Nashville Tele for a Vintage VJ74. Enlighten me in both trains of thought. I play rock, blues and really whatever strikes me as fun. Would love to get good enough to tackle music like Riverside. What would you guys do? Amp wise and bass wise. I have GAS bad. I also have my first bass LTD B50 FMand an old Peavey Basic 112 with input jack problems. Just can’t resist the GAS.


I always wanted to try the Orange 50 watt. I have the Ampeg Rocket Bass 50 watt, and I like it. The Fender Rumble 100 is the best bet though especially if you will ever gig.

For bass, what are you looking for? What’s your budget? Lot of good instruments out there, for a PJ a Yamaha BB734 comes to mind, Fender Aerodyne, or Fender Player Jaguar, which I really love to play. In a Jazz, Sire V7 is a great bass. Sire Marcus Miller give a lot of value for the money these days.


That’s a very versatile amp, @Bald_head_Ed . . . lightweight, easy to transport, and powerful enough for small gigs.

I’ve been very happy with mine, @Wombat-metal . . . :+1:



+1 :+1: