Cables and gear

Hey peeps. I just wanted to get more solid information on cables for the right gear. I had no idea this was an issue. have many cables and noticed when I plugged in my 25 foot cable, there was a low feedback out of the amp. Ok, grabbed a different cable. Whoa! nothing. Grabbed my fender cable I usually use and no big deal. Off the Bass idea I have a MODX 7 Key Synth and weirdly my Foot pedal would not control the Super knob. After resenting the whole system and even erasing my settings, I came to the results, the simple cable needed to be the TSR cable it came with and not your typical Mono Instrument cable. I then realized I must have sold my Bass amp kit to a youngster with that cable. This drove me crazy trying to figure this out. All I did is look up the Moog pedal and specs. The TSR cable is a basic to part balancing cable for headphones required for the connection. I hope the will end confusion for instrument connections. Oh, by the way do not use audio speaker cables to hook up. Bad feedback noise could occur! Regular speakers cables are not a shielded cable and can cause noise. Electrostatic type. Similar to CAT network cables (shielded, unshielded). Hope this helps!