Chord Generator App

Anyone know of a simple chord generator app that I can just punch in a chord progression like 2-5-1 and then choose a key and it just plays repeatedly so I can play along on bass and come up with bass lines ? I want to get such an app for my phone then play it through speakers and lay along. There are plenty of chord generator apps but they all seem to have preset chord progressions (at least the free ones).

I’m not looking for anything fancy or deluxe, just the options of which chord progression I want and which key to play it in.

Alex R


Hi @ronin2192,

I know this is not an app, but should work fine on your mobile. Try it:


If you are on a Mac, try iReal Pro - it costs a little bit (not too much) and you get an entire band to jam with. You can enter chord progressions yourself or choose from a huge (user-contributed) library.


Hugely endorsed here!
Such a great practice tool.