Chugging Fun

Yep. Given the average demographic around these parts, it would put the Cult right around high school.

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As soon as I typed that I knew I had dated myself :rofl:

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Speaking of “twiddly shredfests” and “jazzy wankfests” AND chugging (cue to 3:35):


Did someone say chugfest? Rod Stewart - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? (Official Video) [HD Remaster] - YouTube

“i’ve got blisters on my fingers!”


Paul Barker does well with it in too in my favorite cover of that song :slight_smile:

Thank you for using the word galloping in your post. For I am an idiot and this fixed my broken brain.

I’m only 20 lessons in, but have a percussion and music theory background. I was aching to go play something with aggressive, fast chugging. My not-yet-skilled baby bass brain saw bars full of triplets and tried to use my relatively new chugging skills. I feverishly practiced timing for triplets only using two fingers until I was about to get a charlie horse and throw the bass out the window. As soon as I saw your post I knew exactly where things went awry and realized that my name is Dunning-Kruger.

Thank you for both the obvious fix, and reality check.


Chugging doesn’t always have to be hard rockin’. Check out this song by Duran Duran:

It’s a very melancholy song about bereavement. The bass line is super-simple and super-satisfying to play, especially when you get to the one of two bars where Taylor does not chug (I’m not talking about the four beat rest :wink:)

turn up your amp and don’t dig in so much