Contemporary/New Jams with Killer Bass


Hey folks.
I’ve had some lovely encounters with new releases sporting killer bass tracks. I’d love it if anyone else out there can share some new releases that rule the bass world!
It always helps restore my faith in humanity and the future when there’s music happening now with lovely basslines.

Here’s a track a bass student showed me the other day, and I love it, and Thundercat is the bassist. Enjoy!


Not so much a killer new jam but digging the fella’s work out of white denim…


Yes! That is rad!
I knew the name but had literally never heard 'em. Thanks for the cool tip.


You probably know this guy, but through happy “kids being kids” stuff I was shown this. Here you go Grandad, next time nan pisses you off… etc. I smiled a bit, then, wow. Brought back the same fascinations I had with Zappa, Parliament, Funkadelic all crossed over and around.

If you can wait through for just over a minute, you’ll see it comes up with MonoNeon art manifesto. Worth watching to read that alone.


I caught them live a couple of years ago at the 6music festival. Seriously groovy, thanks to BBC engineers they sounded awesome too.


That manifesto is RAD. Thanks for the share. His playing is pretty dang awesome.


Man you got me going with that Mac Miller track! Thundercat definitely has that thing. It sounds like all the best R’n’B lines put together. Great tone, simple line, catchy as f%^k!