Cory Wong's YT Videos

Just wanted to share that I’ve been really enjoying Cory Wong’s YouTube Series, so thought I’d inform those that don’t know about it. BTW, Cory Wong is the guitarist in Vulfpeck, with the incredible bassist Joe Dart.

This first series he did is called “How to Musician” and is largely about how he became a musician and some tips for succeeding in the music industry. It’s pretty fascinating (to me anyway).

The second series is the one he’s currently making (new video each week) and is just a bit of fun, but has some education in it as well. Hard to describe this one, but I enjoy it.


New one that is quite relevant to us. :wink:


We’ve just had that linked here:

But I guess this topic name is a bit more accurate, hence my cross-link for the future.


I caught Cory live back in February and it was a great show, if a bit lout for the pretty small venue. Does that mean the sound guy couldn’t figure out where the pots were for main v, or that I’m too old?

Antwan Stanley (oft featured Vulfpeck vocalist including 1612) joined him for the second set which was awesome. And yes Cory is a standard Vulfpeck multi-instrumentalist - he and Sonny switched bass and lead guitar for a few songs. (Cory’s right handed and Sonny is left, so they didn’t literally switch instruments.) Their final encore was Deantown and Sonny did Joe proud. In fact I think Joe Dart might be the only guy in Vulfpeck who plays the same instrument in every song?

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