Just decided to add some colour to my bass, I would never of thought that I would do something like this. I am more of a keep things super simple and clean looking.
Even my IPad got some action was was unthinkable prior to me playing the bass ( Has the bass changed something deep inside me :woman_supervillain:)

Also, I did get up to module 6 on the B2B course but I have some time off work over the festive period and I decided to start again.
I can see the difference already in my playing, my timing is a lot better and my plucking is more consistent with better tone. I can get at least a good hour a day or maybe more to try and get more dedicated practice in.


Wow…from some decals? I need some of that…Order me 10 packs… hehehe


Ha ha yeah, all new bass guitars some come packaged with some decals, vast improvement