Digitalizing band - BASS guitar OPTIONS

Hi everyone, we are currently transffering with my band to in ear system monitoring. Currently we play with analog mix and two active PA cabs for 3 active vocals. Keys plugged into combo, guitar 1 lamp combo fender bluesman, guitar 2 boogera lamp head and cab, bass aguilar 500 and cab.
We are about to purchase Soundcraft ui24r as a digital mix, presonus hp60 as a headphone amplifier and furman m10x as a power conditioner.

Connecting to Digital Mix
The idea is to use 2 mics to take sound from the 2 guitar cabs, di box for the keys player, vocals directly.

My question here is if I connect directly to the mix from my pedal board?? I do not need the head, this is how it looks.

What do you use to enhance the bass sound? I am very fond of my current set up and ama bit concerned how to simulate the same outcome. Give me your ideas and equipment options!



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Iā€™m by no means an expert, but could you use an Aguilar Tonehammer Preamp/Direct box?

If you just want to split the signal between the mix and the amp, you can always use another DI box, too.


+1 for @antonio 's suggestion -
The device that is made for basses to go straight from the bass into a PA or a recording system is a DI or a preamp, or (more commonly used live / in-rehearsal), both.

I used the Radial Bass Bone live for a while when I was touring, but that was on upright.

Something like the Tonehammer would be great (particularly since you already use that gear) - and there are tons of options there.
Plenty of deep, deep rabbit holes to jump into!


Thanks that sounds just about right!