Discourse forum updates!

Hey forum fam! Just a heads up that Discourse 3.0 has launched (the software we use for the forum), so you’ll see a couple changes around the forum:

  • Sidebar navigation: now you can find categories and whatever else you want to access regularly from any page, with less jumping around. I’m just trying it out now but looks pretty slick!
  • Improved notifications system

Hope everything runs smoothly for y’all, and cheers to this 2023 forum sexy-fication!

EDIT: Ditched the chat function, it was clunky and nobody used it.


I’m still learning how the chat works, but looks like you can just go here and get chatting!

I can create more channels if needed, but for now let’s see how it goes keeping it simple!


Not sure the link to the chat works, @JoshFossgreen

Is there another (more official) entry point to the chat? (Not that I need to spend even more time here :wink:)

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Works for me. But don’t want it too. Lol.


Maybe only by invitation?

Or no Europeans?? :wink:

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Ahh, it’s all on the side on mobile if you tap your profile pic… Neat :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe I’missing something but I cannot find the “latest” threads choice that used to exist. I’d use this to see what threads I’m being altered to have updates. Hmmmm. That’s where it used to tell me which topics I care about and how many new posts there are. Where’s that now?

@JoshFossgreen, yeah, John beat me to the punch, but the “Latest” link is missing. I tried to add it, but there’s no option for doing that.

Can you add it back in, please?

Don’t have latest, unread, or new on my phone. Have to click everything, and then filter. If I filter on unread, after reading it, I have to back to the top of the navigation tree and start over.

Used to be able to backswipe and go back to the unread list. More clicks now.

It’s fine on a desktop browser, phone poses some challenges

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yeah Latest works for me on desktop:


It looks like tapping “Everything” on the mobile sidebar takes you to Latest.

So looks like it’s gone on the phone version in portrait mode @JoshFossgreen (which is stoopid as there is still space for it which means poor formatting of the menu bar) because the chat icon took the place of the menu icon that had latest new etc. if I flip to landscape the “forum” menu appears under “forum”. I think it used to be a hamburger menu icon. Not a big deal but you know how little changes can effect things. Anything that makes something harder gets used less.

Click everything and you can see all the threads with newest ones highlighted

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Yeah that works for me on mobile

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I like the sidebar thingy. Chat, i dont care about but I’m sure those people who hang out there will be happy.

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I rarely used the latest. Too much information. Being dyslexic, I like things in smaller chunks. Takes me a bit to navigate a busy screen. But it is what it is.

There’s a setting under Preferences → Sidebar that may be of use:

Changing this to the “unread / count" option may restore the former behavior (or at least something similar to it).


Also, refreshing the main page in my browser made some of the newer functionality (“chat”) visible for me - that’s probably why I couldn’t find it earlier :sheep: :grin:


Yeah I had to refresh to get chat to appear too.

Is this working for you @John_E ?

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