DK's, perhaps

So I could probably just Google this, but my inherent laziness prevents it, and maybe somebody else would like the answer too. You’ve probably heard this occasionally. It’s like a big descending slide down the frets. Only instead of a single string pluck at the start, you continuously quickly pluck the string while sliding. This creates a choppy cascade of descending notes instead of a smooth slide. Example at about 12 seconds. What is this called/how is it written?


Bumping this to see if anybody has an answer.

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i guess there’s always the possibility that this doesn’t have an actual name for it :thinking: :grin:

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Hmm…I’m actually not sure if this has a name! I’d assume written out it’d just be 16th notes going all the way down. I’m not fully-versed in theory though, so I could be wrong

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I bet @JoshFossgreen can tell us what it’s called.

I don’t know if it has a special name - I always think of it as the “wipeout” slide.

It’s written as a slide, but with a tremolo on it.
A tremolo (in this sense) is the technique of playing as many attacks as you on the given note/notes.
It’s always nice to have it in rhythm, so 16ths or 32nds or something that lines up to tempo, but it can also work where you’re just going for as fast as possible.

Not sure if it has a name.

In orchestra it would be a tremolo with a glissando. Makes it sound pretty fancy.


dammit :man_facepalming: that’s a much better example