Down picking compared to down and up

Very interesting thread. Im primarily finger style but do occasionally play and practice a few songs with a pick. Really like the difference in sound, but so far have only been able to play with down strokes. Ive noticed other players who use alternate stroke techniques but so far my attempts to try that just aren’t working! Far too inconsistent- I’m sure its like anything else, it will just take a lot of repetition and practice if its something i want to pursue. Just from watching that technique it seems like it would be more efficient and quicker to alternate so its something I’m not ready to give up on quite yet.


I’m also a frustrated ''wanted to be a guitar player" so am used to alternate picking. So far I’m just using my fingers but when I do get to the part where we try a pick I’m sure I’ll use alternate picking instead of all downstrokes. Will have to concentrate on just trying downstrokes for awhile I guess and see what one I like best.

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