"Easy" Metallica songs/riffs

Wouldn’t that be “Nothing else matters”, which is also a great song?!


Yousician has a few of their songs and always an easier version than the original version of the bassline.
You can start with the easier version and than move up to the original version.

Fingerings between the original and the easy version differ quite a lot sometimes, though.

I learned Nothing Else Matters and The Unforgiven that way. Nothing Else Matters is the easier of the two, I think.
Still struggling with some parts of The Unforgiven, especially during the Solo and the ending.


I’m happy to create Rocksmith-like videos of one or two Metallica songs, if you want!

It look like that: Play-along songs with synchronised tabs on Youtube


Well, “For whom the bell tolls” is fairly straightforward. Sad but True should also be doable, as far as I recall. Unforgiven as well. I think many from the Black Album is manageable.

Here’s a link that might prove helpful:


That’s gold, definitely going to listen to that :metal:

@chris_van_hoven yes Nothing Else Matters would hopefully be fairly easy. I tried learning the intro on guitar and can get close, but never been able to nail it. Thanks for the offer to make the video, that’s very generous of you. I’ll have a think about which song to go for :thinking:

@Malyngo thanks, I haven’t tried Yousician before. Could use their free trial.

@Nebel thanks for the suggestions, will definitely give that link a try.

Thanks all. Probably won’t have time for a couple of days, but will definitely try some of the suggestions.

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OMG, thanks mate :metal:

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Now that was a great way to spend the last hour of my day. Started with Enter Sandman, then Nothing Else Matters and finally For Whom The Bell Tolls. Definitely need to work on my speed, but now I can do so whilst playings songs I love :metal: :metal: :metal:

Used Looper.Tube to loop some sections which was pretty cool and definitely helps with the harder parts.

Thanks again Chris, I’ll definitely be playing these again.

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Let me know if you need anything else!

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Thanks, will do. I see you’ve put up quite a few so will have a play around with those and see which ones might be within my reach - just tried Pixies “Debaser” and kinda just laughed as the notes disappeared quickly before my eyes.

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I know the feeling!

With more complicated tracks you can always try to simplify, just play the most important notes and ignore the rest. Once you have discovered how that works, you can tackle even more complicated stuff.

Also, “Hey” by the Pixies is not only very cool but also easy to play!

Here it is:

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Nice, thanks for the tips. I used to play the original Rocksmith on my Xbox 360 and enjoyed some of the Pixies on guitar. I’ve got Rocksmith 2014 on Xbox Series X but can’t seem to get any of the DLC I had. The lag is also more noticable than the 360 which had analogue out.

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I have Rocksmith 2014 for PC. Good thing is that I can reuse the DLCs for Tonelib Jam (that’s what I use for the videos).

I find it quite unfortunate that Rocksmith 2014 is not being sold anymore via official channels … and that the library shrinks daily, cause of rights running out.
Especially cause Rocksmith+ s#cks big time!!!

I had some lag issues with the original Rocksmit cable and also with some audio interfaces, using rs_asio (looking at you PreSonus AudioBox USB 96K).

With a Motu M4 everything is great - but that might not be appicable to the Xbox stuff!

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Very generous of you.

I bought Rocksmith and never rely got used to it. Too old school to adapt its approach. I had similar issues with Yous

I also bought Rocksmith but don’t use it anymore as a) the tone recognition is not good enough and b) I want to see all notes when I play.

I switched to Tonelib Jam. It has no tone recognition, but a 3d mode and a normal tab mode for synched playback.

I like it cause I can play from PC, use my own VST or built-in effects and most importantly: import my Rocksmith tracks as well as the CustomsForge stuff…

Scattered mind here must have hit send to soon. :joy:

My biggest problem with Rocksmith and Yousician is that seeing the notes coming at me like that triggers my anxiety and and play when I’m panicking. :blush:

Finding the free psarc files on the website you mentioned was wonderful as they load into Tonelib Jam so they are often a good start.

I’ve gotten to the point where I find myself editing others work to either correct error or find more playable fingering.

I haven’t even attempted to try create my own Rocksmith files since that seems like a daunting task to me. So sincere kudos to you. :+1:

Sometimes I’ll just start with an mp3 or wav file, run that through an app/website called Moises to separate the bass, load that and the original audio file into audacity and use a tool (addin?) there to identify the notes one by one and then tab/score it in Tonelib Jam.

It’s an imperfect and slow process but it gets me playing. It also admittedly does nothing for ear training.

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I do the same. MuseScore is wonderful to select specific notes or strings and move all of them to another position…

I also use Moises and import to AnthemScore, not audacity. The results s#ck, but it will be better than Audacity … and you get a complete score!

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PS you can use this mode to in ToneLib. Maybe it’s not so frightening? :slight_smile:

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I played a crap ton of guitar hero and rock band in college, but somehow did not vibe with Rocksmith at all. I’m not sure what that says about me.

If you played Guitare hero, it means you were not adult enough fdor Rocksmith :slight_smile:

(In Rocksmith you can use a real bass!)