Easy Songs for Beginner to Transcribe?

Most excellent, man. I feel motivated to keep practicing. :slight_smile:

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So so true.
Don’t lose “sight” of sight reading. I took sax lessons from a guy who was all about learning everything by ear, so I did that for about a year and a half, then, changed up teachers, to a very well known sax player/instructor (one of those wizard folks like Josh, Mark or Ari). One day on Skype he stopped me and said “are you trying to play that by ear?” I said yes of course. His response “don’t ever do that again, save that for transcribing, learn to play scales and other things with music in front of you, I am not trying to teach you to memorize things”.

And the funny thing was my sight reading ‘on the fly’ had suffered greatly while trying to learn by ear and toss the sheet music either entirely or as soon as I could memorize it, and have been seriously focusing on sight reading any/everything. Snippets in all 12 keys, etc. to insure all notes are known when I see them. You don’t see a lot of Cb or Fb etc in music and it can really hang you up when you do.

So now I try to balance both, you know, in the infinite practice time we all have. :wink: