Effect of mass of bass body?

Can you post a picture with your bass/nut?

I will when it gets here.
I’ll likely do my usual pick heavy build post when it is done too :rofl:

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Some of it comes down to the independent piece of wood. The most resonant bass I have owned, my Fender Tele bass, has an Alder body. I agree in general what you say about ash and alder, but each guitar has it’s own voice too. IMO

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mass is super important on a bass, but not for tone. for saving your back, shoulders, etc over the long haul. light basses rule.


I’m not a believer in the affect of tone woods on Basses. Acoustic basses have massive bodies to amplify the string vibration, at least compared to acoustic guitars. Pickups seem to have a more nominal affect on the tone.
Weight-wise, to me, if it feels comfortable it’s probably right.


I do. That’s why I ave a few basses with volume knobs only.

That said if you are only relying on tone wood you are in big trouble, lol. :joy:


:100: @Al1885