EMG Word of warning

So I’m upgrading my Peavey Fury VI 6 string and i decided to go with the recommendation i got from best bass gear tech. The item was EMG BQS System 2-Pickup 5-Knob 3-Band Vol - Bl - Treb - Bass - Mid/Mid Stack.

After installing it i went to connect the pickups to it and. Obviously they expect you to be using EMG pickups that have a plug rather than solder or hard wire. so I have to order a cable end set to connect the pickups to it. :rofl:

No big deal but had assumed for the price of the thing it would have come pre packed with cable ends just for this sort of occasion. So i thought since i had not seen anything here in a quick search about it i would bring it up. Just incase anyone decides to use the systems from EMG for their own upgrades, and have hardwired pickups. just to save a little time and effort.