Epoxy filled P/J bass pickup question

How do I remove the epoxy from this pickup coil.

You can’t remove epoxy. it’s here forever.


I understand that… I seen a video on YouTube. The dude pulled the epoxy filled Pbass pickup cover off.

maybe the cover, but the epoxy seals the coil and it’s unbreakable.

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I believe that… That’s all I’m wanting to do. Is remove the cover.

I’m slowly starting to separate the pickup cover from the epoxy.

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Are you modding the pickup or just don’t want the BC Rich logo. If so, just paint over it. There’s nothing to see under the sealed bar magnet pickups. They are not pretty, lol.

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I definitely don’t want the logo. They’re Chinese made crap. Cost me less than $13 to purchase, and ship it from China. AliExpress charge $6 to purchase, and roughly $6 for shipping. The other day when I installing my new strings. I decided to put some rubber under each pickup. Well as was putting Mr. 5 string back together.

I overtightened one of split coil screws, and broke it.

I can buy a Rickenbacker 4003 for $350/$400 right now. Anyway, this is why the BC Rich

Now you see why the BC Rich. Plus, I absolutely love building basses and guitars. EVIL GENIUS CREATIONS is the name of my shop. Right now I just work in my living room.

AliExpress Rickenbacker bass guitar are most times poorly built counterfeits.


Exactly, if going to pay $400 for a bass. I’m getting something like the Peavey Grind 5 string I had bought from the pawn shop…

You can buy a brand new bass like an Ibanez SR300 for that much money.

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Exactly. I really don’t want a brand new out the box. I would much rather buy something from the pawn shop. Bring it home then completely rebuild the electronics.

How did you fare with the epoxy? I missed this thread earlier.

If it’s real epoxy, and you still need to remove it and don’t fear a bit of danger, a heat gun on a low setting is your friend. Epoxy softens at 60 degrees Communist.

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I’ve got close to pulling the cover off. I had to stop what I was working on. Then start cleaning up my room and the living room. To bring my shop back into my room. I haven’t been able to make any more progress in over 2 weeks. I’m not worried about of tearing it up. They’re BCRich split coil pickups from ALIEXPRESS. I believe that I paid like $13.00 for them.

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