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so slightly different then who’s your fave player. how about someone that just makes your jaw drop, even though they may or may not be your cup of tea. for instance, this is mine: a (at the time) 16 year old girl from india:


She’s very good technically, but she looks like she’s not enjoying a bit of it. She might just not show this enjoyment, but I see videos like this and I start thinking she was made to play the bass as a kid instead of wanting to play the bass as a kid. In any case, connecting with the audience is something that will help any musicians career, but I didn’t feel any connection on this. I want to see into someone’s soul. Again, technically, she is very good though.


I agree she’s not really the type that shows a lot of emotions while playing. Also, to me at least, I always find jazzers to be somewhat umm, clinical? Her live stuff is a bit more fun. And also put to rest rumors that this video was faked by being sped up. I wish my mom had made me play like this though.


Mohini also does YouTube vids of her make-up.

Just sayin’!


According to Mohini, she was never made to play. Her father is a musician and her mother is a singer and dancer. She grew up surrounded by music and musicians and she wanted to be a part of that. She also said she didn’t really connect with other kids her age the way she did with adults. She would play and practice 5 hours a day because it was what she loved.

She told one story about how scary it was for her to talk in front of her class (because she never felt like she belonged there) but she could get on stage with a bass and feel completely comfortable.

Mohini Dey is an interesting young lady. She’s 24 now and travels internationally playing around the world. She said she was always an aggressive kid that took control of all her own scheduling and finances when she was 16. Also, she comes across as a pretty big Introvert. Commenting that even when she spends time with family, she prefers to be in a separate room, saying she likes having them there but she needs time to herself.


The discussion “technical abilities vs. soul” is an interesting one, and one I often hear in connection with jazz musicians. And, there is often some truth to it, too, maybe alone because jazz typically requires a higher “technical level”… even though djenters and the like have very impressive skills as well. So, perhaps, there are some people trying to “hide” behind a shield of thigh tech skills, being able to play perfect runs of 16th notes and solo over complex chord progressions etc., but really never being able to come up with something that “touches” people!?! I don’t know, it seems that if you dive so much into music, some creativity must follow along!?

Perhaps, it is again the old “arts vs crafts” discussion that we probably already had touched upon earlier…

Coincidentally, at the concert I was last weekend, while putting away their gear after the show, the musicians were joking about “Davie504”… basically, just goofing off, shouting out his catch phrases. When I teased them about it and said something like “yeah, he is goofy, but he knows how to slap”, one of the musicians replied: “sure, but musically, there isn’t much there for me!”

Good point! And certainly a point that could be made for some of Mohini’s stuff, but also tons of other stuff out there! Some music touches us (why it does is often hard to pinpoint), but luckily this also completely transcends genres (at least for me).


I’m with you on this one. A collection of the music that has touched me would sound pretty random and disjointed.