Favorite non-English song (bass wise)?

What’s your favorite? I’m interested on what’s everyone’s choices will be. I think I know why so much of the community is focused on English songs (or maybe I just haven’t explored that much Dx), but there’s a lot of great songs out there outside of the English language bubble thing (yeah, I don’t know how to describe it), and I’m really interested in listening to them.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Hoshimachi Suisei - Shakunetsu nite junjo
  • Tattoo Colour - Lie
  • Kessoku band- If I could be a constellation
  • Lots of citypops (man, I love citypops)

I couldn’t add links up there so here’s the links.

  • Shakunetsu nite junjo
  • Lie
  • If I could be a constellation

also the one I didn’t put up there but just realized

  • That band

Anything by Kiyoshi

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I was thinking Kiyoshi, also Juna Serita, F-Chopper, Fami, Asa

And of course my bass hero Boh, here with his side project the Kari Band

I must be getting old. How can I overlook Widi from VOB in Indonesia

I went to Japan immediately. Eugene Abduhkanov from Jinjer is amazing (Ukraine)

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This is gonna be a really big list for me. I’ll restrain myself :slight_smile:

#1’s probably gonna be from Supercar (and Miki Furukawa is one of my bass heroes; I essentially fell in love with SBV’s because of her and Fumi from Polysics). But the choice for Supercar is huge. Here’s a couple faves:

Then there’s my love for Unlucky Morpheus.

There’s also, of course, Tokyo Shoegazer/CQ/etc

Kiyoshi of course; my favorite song of hers doesn’t have a video, but it’s at the timecode linked in this live vid:

Envy blows me away whenever I listen to them:

Big love for Gacharic Spin and all their side projects; F-Chopper and Tomo-zo stand out but all of them are really talented musicians:

Can’t leave Polysics and their pure DEVO goodness out…

Synthbass, but still bass :slight_smile: I’m going to lump all of Yasutaka Nakata’s work into two songs, one from Capsule and one from Perfume:

Unlike @howard I’ll show restraint :slight_smile: Any Germans on the forum? I watched the German TV show ‘Dark’ on Netflix a while back and this soundtrack song stuck in my head.

It’s my driving home from work with the stereo turned up very very loud song.


That was restraint :rofl:

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Ironically, those videos aren’t available in Japan :rofl:

Often ones from anime bands like the stuff from Bandori will get taken down or blocked here by the production company, who want to monetize their own vids. I was able to find them though.

Gazillions… :wink:

This is one of my favorite Italian songs - quite poignant lyrics about saying goodbye to someone you love. And it just brings back memories to THAT summer in Italy (a hundred years ago)…

Edoardo Bennato - Una settimana un giorno (and he always had a killer band along; pity they faded it out during the guitar solo)

And this one is just fun - OK, it’s synth bass, but, hey, it was the 80s :grin:

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