Favorite nostalgia records?


I just put on this Ratatat record that I haven’t listened to for years -

Reminds me of my first cruise ship gig back in 2010, I had just turned 21 and was spinning a lot of Ratatat in my cabin while I did my Artist’s Way morning pages (haven’t done those in ages).

I love how music can bring up memories/feelings from the past! So freaking cool. Anything you’re listening to right now that you haven’t listened to in a while?


No - but the most instant Nostalgia record for me is Smashing Pumpkins, Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness.
I was on a massive European Adventure (just turned 20) and I was at a family friend’s house in Denmark.
I was feeling a combination of wistfulness, romanticism, home-sickness, and total euphoric, melancholic freedom.
The album puts me instantly on my discman headphones, on the floor of the office where my little room was made up.
And that album became the soundtrack.

Particularly: Muzzle. Holy Cats. That song…


Lot’s of different music, makes up the soundtrack of my life. Nothing specific leaps to mind, but, when I hear it on the radio, I’m instantly transported back. I like that.



I was 14 or 15 and had it on loop on my walkman the whole summer. It was like I found a whole new world. Soon after I decided to learn the guitar and start a band.

Also Talking Heads…

I used to love skateboarding (still do, watching rather than doing nowadays) and that video popped up on a skateboading video I watched a lot. The song reminds me of time when I existed without a care in the world. Dollops of nostalgia.


All day going through my Steely Dan collection, thanks to suddenly seeing The Royal Scam on the Fave Bassline page. Gosh, It’s been awhile. Took me right back to early learning years.


STP and the Plush video defined a summer of life here as well!


This takes me straight back to the point when I wanted to be Macca when I grew up. And that bass! Guy could play.


Sigh, what a great tone. I really need a Hofner-style bass in my arsenal.


I know right? I yearn for that tone too, don’t even get it with the same gear, the tone was in his fingers. Although I agree a semi is a great addition.


Yes, because of my learning and trying to speed up a little bit with jugging, I remembered „A Forest“ from „The Cure“ . On concerts they used to play that song for sometimes more than 10 minutes. And the bass player goes on and on and on like forever… Brings back a bunch of memories…


I recently bought a Framus sein from 1967. It‘s exactly that Kind of sound. They are not even that expensive at the moment.


Anything by Joy Division or U2


Ooh cool bass!


Thank you. Yeah I really love it. I‘ll post it in the gear section. Just thought it is a nice answer to you, mentioning that cool sound of the Hofner.


Just bought a single of „The Beat“ or „The English Beat“ how they are called in the US. Can’t Get Used to Losing You. It brings back a nice memories of my Teenie years.


Agree to this. Especially Joy Division which I regularly play as a DJ. Nothing brings back better the musical feeling from the late seventies. (If you‘re not going into Punk or Ska)


I was at one of the first gigs of the first tour by the Cure. They were a massive influence, along with all the other bands I saw twixt 73-79. The years I consider I was learning what was what. Seeing the leap from 78-82 convinced me then that they would be hugely influential. The same can also be said of Joy Division and U2. Interesting to some would be going to see U2 at Barbarellas in Birmingham in 1980. The place was pretty empty, maybe 30 or 40 people. The band came on to muted applause, played the show as if it was a packed house and they were the best band that ever played there. Left us wanting more. Went to the next tour and they were queued around the block and we couldn’t get in.


Yes they all are also to me highly influential. What a cool story with U2. In which Country was that? Birmingham UK? I have also seen some very big bands in front of a small audience. I wish I could bring them back like when I saw the Clash in Bern (Switzerland) or the Cure in Zürich in front of some hundreds of people.


Yes, I’m in UK. I was lucky in that I was there while a cultural movement happened, unbeknown to those of us busy living it. I don’t know what I’d call it myself. Upstairs and in the back bar of the Plough Hotel, (and later Whitcombe Lodge Hotel) we got to see The Fall, The Ruts, The Damned, Scritti Politti, The Cure, and local legends that went on to be Teardrop Explodes, Killing Joke, Motorhead, and more than I can fit here or remember. Some of them showed me how to play. Some of them told me to f*%k off. But I still love every moment.


These are cool souvenirs. Really brings in Nostalgia. Yeah we did not know then what we take part in, but it was a revolution to the music and music industry. Got to see Killing Joke more then once and they stay one of my deepest impressions. Got to listen to them when I‘m back home from work :wink: