Favorite nostalgia records?


Listening a lot to Lynyrd Skynyrd lately, as I discovered outstanding remastered/cleaned performances on youtube

These were the kind of bands I liked gigging with most (RnR cover bands back in the '90s)

But if I were to put my finger on one of the first albums that made me realize Bass (I was 14 at the time): Mark King’s Level 42, Lessons In Love was aired over and over a summer I spent on UK to learn English back in mid 80’s.

I guess the fact of the lead singer being the bass player, and specially King’s slap/machinegun style, a sound that wasn’t that widely known back then (let alone in Pop music!) made it stand out even more for me.


I got into Mark King around age 14 too! I had these low quality bootlegs from live shows I found on Limewire or something, I can’t even guess how many times I listened to them. A lot! Love his sound and how tight his rhythmic feel is. Like a funky metronome!


Like a train! :smile:

Solo + short King’s take on Good Times riff + Love Games:

Love how he connects with audience and teases it!

Impressed also how hard he bashes the Bass, remembers me to Flamenco Guitarists!


I love the hard hitting players. Drums, bass… there’s a time for feel and dynamics, and a time for brutal-smashings… ahhh… so sweet to see and hear.


Louis Johnson beats the crap out of his bass like that too. His nickname was Thunder Thumbs. :slight_smile:


Maybe the coolest bass nickname ever?
Any other ones?
The bassist from Brick was just called Fudge… that’s pretty… cool?
Bass nicknames are rad.


That should have it’s own header!