Favorite Song?


What is your favorite song?


Mine is:


This isn’t my favorite song of all time, but I was just replaying this: :slight_smile:


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thanks brother


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Mine is:

Symphonic Metal anyone? :smile:


I love Nightwish! It’s been a while since I dug into any, may just be time to revisit. :slight_smile:


I am partial to Deja Vu by Iron Maiden. I love the song in general and it helps that it has a bad ass bass line too.


Down for symphonic metal. All metal. Lots of metal.


Saw their concert in Philly last spring. That got me to dig out some of their CDs. So far I have some of their oldies down- 10th Man Down and End of All Hope. I’ve been working on Ghost Love Score, but I have had to transpose it since Marco played it on his 5 string, and I only have a 4.


Why is it every time I play Metallica, Nothing Else Matters?


Haha. :slight_smile:

Speaking of, I’ve had that stuck in my head because the sound guy at this festival last weekend was playing Iron Horse all weekend -


Can‘t really speak of THE favorite song , because there are so many. In terms of bass lines , there is „APB“ „Shoot you down“ coming to my mind. Or „ Stranglers“ „nice ‚n‘ sleazy“, because they triggered my wish to become a bass player


My favorite song is Californication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers .


I love that whole record!

Thanks for sharing those @urs.gottscheu, wasn’t familiar with either one!


I have a new favourite! It’s this cover featuring Joe Dart on bass and reminds me why I love music and gigs!


I love that we have so many fun new bass heroes emerging. For a long time it was Flea and Les. Les and Flea.
It’s a good time to be a bass player.


Is there a time when it isn’t? :star_struck: I think fun is the most appropriate word there Gio, as opposed to heroes. I’d call you a hero as much as Mr Dart. Or me. I Like his tone, funky but deep. It’s a fun cover too by a band absolutely having fun, massive smiles and gurning from all involved!
P.S. I’m more of a Les man. Quirk out… :grin: