GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Congrats! Really nice color. Good luck!


They do indeed.
I started out looking at Darkglass but this is currently what’s in my shopping cart.


I could not decide so I have both the DG B7K and the Tech 21 VT Bass DI.
Although I use the B7K more lately, I certainly see the space the VT Bass DI is amazing at.

Don’t know this Geddy one, but assume its good


They also do/did a simpler one, the YYZ:

As well as the rack-mount GED-2112, which is the one Geddy actually uses on tour:


Just got this. Always wanted a Godin. The ACS SA slim but this is not a slim. The neck is actually 1.9” not 1.75”. None the less it sounds great. All I have to do now is learn how to play it, lol.


I have 3 basses that I’m perfectly happy with, but still had a desire for a “real” Fender. Also, @howard and others had piqued my interest in Japanese Fenders.

Then SweetWater got some Aerodynes in stock. I was looking at one when the image jumped right off of the monitor and whispered in my ear, “You know you want me.”

GAS strikes.

Fender calls it a Jazz bass due to the body shape but it has a PJ pickup setup. It has a matching headstock, “smoke chrome” hardware, a strat style output jack, and weighs less than the typical Jazz bass.

It has a satin finish neck that feels great - no sandpaper needed.

Everything I’ve heard about Japanese craftsmanship appears to be true, and then some. I cannot find a flaw on it anywhere.

The finish is so glossy that it’s difficult to get a decent photo. :laughing:


Welcome to the Aerodyne club @spidey9!
They are awesome and that one looks amazing!
Enjoy it!


Yes, they are fingerprint magnets. But a very cool bass

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BassBuzz Boys and Girls,
After driving around downtown Honolulu for 5 hours yesterday, I finally made my decision on a bass to keep here. Not much in the used market within my budget range so I went with the Ibanez SR400EQMDEB. I added a Gator hard case for eventual storage to keep the critters out and a stand.

They charged me $650.05 and after some shrewd negotiations I got it for $650.00.
What a deal!!


Nice, they have some good finishes don’t they


Congrats @JerryP , she’s a beauty.
I’ll have to call upon your negotiating skills next time I buy a bass. You did good!


That’s gorgeous @JerryP!

We can add your $0.05 to the two sets of $0.02 from prior threads. $0.09. At this rate we can get a community Rickenbacker in about 87 years.


So… when I was a young adult and had adult money for the first time in my life, I realized that all the computers I wanted when I was kid could be gotten at that point for pennies on the dollar. So I hunted down Commodore 64s and Atari 800s and Apple IIs and TRS-80s TI-99s and turned my apartment into a veritable retro-computing museum.

Also, that was about the same time I stopped paying attention to bass. I was always in awe of Carvin basses, but they were always out of my price range… and then when they were in my price range I hadn’t been following or playing bass and missed the whole Carvin to Kiesel switchover and the like. So I find myself now taking a similar approach to Carvin basses as I did with retro-computing all those years ago. I’m constantly browsing eBay and OfferUp and Reverb for Carvin basses, and last night I found one I couldn’t resist:

This is a 2001 Carvin B4 bass, with a bolt-on neck. It’s in excellent condition and comes with a tweed hard case, a Carvin DVD, a Carvin strap, a Carvin truss-rod tool, and a spare set of Carvin strings. How could I resist!?

I don’t have it yet, I just purchased it last night and it has to get shipped. But whoo boy am I excited to get this bad boy. My LB20 has been dying for a sibling. :smiley:


That’s just an epically awesome burst.


yeah im not a big fan of burst but this one looks really good with the black hardware


Nice find. I actually prefer bolt-ons over neck-thrus; they are almost always lighter, and I like the idea that the body is a single solid piece.


I can confirm that my LB20 is heavier than any other bass I own. Of course, that makes for a VERY solid- and safe-feeling instrument (meaning that if someone, like, shot me while I was playing the LB20, I feel like the LB20 would protect me, LOL).

I think that’s one of the reasons I went for the B4, is that it would be lighter than the LB20. I’ll keep you posted.


They also have set necks; more common with acoustic but Reverend uses a dovetail joint to connect the neck to the body.

Boh prefers a bolt on neck fwiw


Nice looking bass Jerry @JerryP ,
I am tipping it wont stay on its lonesome for to long :thinking: Enjoy
Cheers Brian

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Very nice @JerryP! Enjoy!