GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Hello :wave:


It might be the best pedal. Of all, I mean.


I just wanted 1 good preamp (sold my HX Stomp). Was struggling between the B7K Ultra and VT Bass DI. Went for a second hand VTU and never looked back :laughing:


All three of them are excellent, yeah.


The DG pedals are really tempting.

I’m trying hard to resist and just confine myself to the tone capsule for a while.


My advice would to do 14 day trial as plugin first:
They are super nice but they are also exotic imo. I’ve heard a lot of people who actually wanted something more like the VT Bass DI. Or you could get a HX Stomp who has the B7K as effect. :wink:


Agreed, the plugin is fantastic - it’s what I use.


The plugin sounds like a good suggestion as a evaluation tool.

It’s not something I’d be interested in as a longterm solution at this time though. I spend a huge amount of time at a computer for work so I’m loath to introduce a dependancy on one into my recreational activities.


I am sure I would love all 3 Ultras, however, there are many things I ‘need’ long before the other two, haha. Like a Rick.


Ooopsss I did it again. All this talk of ramps led me astray


Ohh, now we are talking. A MM ramp.
I am going to be super interested in your take on this.
I am now of the opinion that it might be just what the Dr. Ordered.
I love playing my Rays with my thumb stuck to the side of the Neck side of the pick up, but i pluck ontop of it, and although I am plucking mostly on the housing, my middle finger still is brushing the poles, and sometimes completely on top of them. Its not horrible, but I do get some percussive noise that I am not intending, at that particular time.
I can still ghost note on top of it for the right effect when I want, but to play an inch or two in front of the pick up, on the ramp, might be brilliant.

Also @mac, now are you and. your Ray4 doing? Do you find you are growing more and more fond of it? If so, wait til you swap out the pup / preamp (even tho, I find the preamp sufficient, it is still nice to get a 3 band if you want to go that route, which I do not with my Aguilar, but if I got another Ray4 to mod, I probably would.)


I’m finding it’s either the Ray4 or the Schecter I’m using for just about everything.I really like the feel of them both and find them very similar.
Having the basses out on a rack instead of in travel cases makes life so much better and all of them are getting some love at some point in the week but the Ray4 certainly gets more than it’s fair share @T_dub


All right gang, I can’t believe I’m writing this, but GAS is starting to kick in again but maybe for a good reason. I’m going over my schedule for the next 10 months and I will be spending about half of that time in Hawaii. And even though I love my Traveler TB-4P, the idea of close to six months with the one bass and a pair of headphones is bothering me. I was thinking about picking up a Yamaha or Ibanez when I get there to use during my stay in the islands. I’ll probably get a small combo amp to go with it. Budget for the bass will be about $450. I’d love to hear your input on this.
Being a frequent visitor to the aloha state, I know there will be a supply issue and I may have to settle for something that is in stock in the island, but I can start looking before going out there and see what’s available.


Difficult choice between the two you’ve mentioned @JerryP but I’ve been looking at Yamaha’s recently as they seem really good value for money and the SR300s seem to be getting a bit of bad press recently


There’s a guitar center in Honolulu; maybe you can do ship to store and pick up? May need to order before you leave.

For bass, something like an Ibanez SR400EQM would cover a lot of basses. I would also recommend Yamaha, but they are in short supply these days it seems. They also have a PJ line in the RGB series like the RGB300.

If there is Yamaha, a TRBX304 or a BB234/BB434 would be excellent picks

Have you considered an acoustic/electric bass?

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I am not a big fan of the ones I had. They do feel great, neck wise, but the tonal range was extremely limited, and they just feel lacking to me.
I know people love them tho, so, IDK

Maybe something from Schecter or LTD? Maybe start shopping online for what stored they have there, and see exactly what options you have, maybe you can arrange to purchase it and have it on hold?

course, you may also like to have a U bass while on the islands.


Maybe you can get a good used bass on the island(s)? Ditto for the combo amp??

Will you be able to store your stuff while back in the mainland? Or perhaps you want to sell it again once you know you are not coming back for a longer period?

This might be a good opportunity to test the used markets!? But, I understand if you feel not comfortable buying used at all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I have one of these little babies. In fact she started me on the whole bass journey. I went ukulele - bass ukulele - bass guitar :wink: Journeyman Acoustic-Electric U•BASS® with F-Holes – Kala Brand Music Co.


I like the local used approach. Check reverb and Facebook marketplace local to where you will be and maybe you will find more option and something you are happy to add to collection Vs “had to buy”.

Or local guitar center used.

That said, for $429 a Squire is a great deal too new.


I think for a Squier I would definitely go used. You can get a new BB234 for a lot less than $429 and have a nice PJ, quality definitely as good or better than the Squier.

Unless there’s a bass brand called “Squire” I don’t know about :slight_smile: