Genzler Magellan 350 Head

I have a brand new, never used, still in the box, w/3 year warranty MG 350 bass amp I wish to sell. These list for $650. 20% off for our members. $520 plus actual shipping. Be happy to answer any and all questions about it.

It was purchased as part of my MG350 Combo and I already have an MG350 head less than six months old so I’m offering the new one for sale at a very steep discount simply because I don’t need two of them. They’re great amps.


They are indeed, I have 2 heads and 3 cabs. Love them.


Do you have the Bass Array Cabs? The whole combo rig with it’s BA 110 is astounding for it’s size both in terms of tonality and it’s output. I’ll add a BA 112 cab soon for even more versatility but would like to sell this head first.


I have 2 set. One set up as single combo which is plenty and another setup with double cab. Oh I also have the acoustic pro array for my EUB and a couple of my acoustics guitars it sounds really great on both songs I know how to play, :joy: