Getting my chops back!

Since I had Covid, my playing has been rather hit and miss. Not enough time, too many things going on, tired, mind pre-occupied with other things etc…ad nauseum. However, last night I re-started and was amazed how much cleaner and quicker I was even though I have not been playing as much as I should. Before turning on Josh’s video lesson, I played through pentatonic scale patterns, major scale patterns, and blues scale patterns for about 30 minutes. Then I did alternate plucking speed drills (up to 240 bpm consistently on one string and crossed strings only losing one beat) I then did patterns of two ascending and descending as well as patterns of three and four per string) When I started my lesson, those chugging 8th notes were a breeze. And the tone from my Jazz and my GK amp was absolutely perfect. I was in the zone and was happy. And two of my little dogs, the dachshund and the silky poo sat with me in my music room and I could swear, they were bobbing their heads in time. It was a good night.


Congratulations on making it and getting your chops back!