Good choices for practice amps?

Yeah there’s no question that bass amps at adequate volume feel good.


Hey Howard, see you on here frequently!

What would you suggest if playing with others? I’d imagine using a DI/pedal is more reserved for solo practice?

How would that setup translate to a group setting and moving that equipment for a small family/friends gathering in comparison to moving a combo amp or cabinet and amp seperate?

I’m not entirely familiar with non-amp setups. Would I need a PC and an interface as well?


I am absolutely not the guy to ask about amps as I don’t use them :rofl:

However I do know the Fender Rumble series is a good buy. I owned one and it was fine, sounded good and lightweight. People love the Rumble 100. If you’ll be playing with others I wouldn’t go below 100W.


That’s fair haha!

Thanks for being honest!

Rumble 100 is a strong contender looks like. I’ll probably end up comparing other 100w amps to see my options.


I do know what amp sounds I like though, if that helps :slight_smile:


Sure! Why not!

Any info is good, I’d rather not rush into this purchase so I’ll try to be as informed as possible and listen to them myself as well.


So for me, I really like the sound of Ampeg and Gallien-Kruger amps. But the thing is the ones I like are larger, heavy tube heads.

However, Ampeg has done a pretty good job of replicating this in solid state for a reasonable price. G-K has done ok there too but the price is much less reasonable :rofl:

One solution for both excellent tone and also practiceability would be to pick up a nice Ampeg preamp and most any bass amp after that. Something like the Ampeg SGT-DI, and you could run that in to both amps and also computers for recording.

But that’s only a factor if you really like the Ampeg sound. Another option there is to go with their Rocket line of practice combos, which are also reportedly quite good - I have no idea myself, never used one. Not sure how much they sound like a “real” Ampeg (SVT, etc) either.

Honestly Fender Rumbles sound great and are priced great. There’s a reason lots of people recommend them. I think @Gio even drags a Rumble 500 to gigs.

As for my own use I am all about software amp and cab sims. But I don’t play live with others, my bandmate is on another continent :rofl:


hmm these actually do sound pretty good to me. Not really 100% like a SVT but you can hear the influence there and still good.


Sweet! Thanks for the input.

And 500 sounds massive :joy: not at that level yet that’s forsure.

I’ll be looking forward to trying a few amps tomorrow likely after work!

Fender and Ampeg seem like close competitors so I’ll be sure to try them both at the very least.


Get back to us and let us know what you liked. I like both the Rocket Bass and Rumble amps. A lot of great sound for the money.


Will do!

I’ve swapped the Ibanez to a few different outlets and the power bar seems to have significantly reduced the idle buzzing!

It lives on haha!

But I’ll now be looking at 100w + in the near future hopefully and line up a deal.

Will update once I nab a solid unit that is well priced.


I did a stupid thing, @howard.

I sold my Rumble 500 and got an SVT classic head that I drag (read: hire 4 able bodied blacksmiths to carry) to gigs and rehearsals along with a 15" Ampeg cabinet.

It sounds like my back dying… and also so damn good that I’m OK with my back dying.

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the Rumble every damn time I have to get the SVT… well, anywhere.


Wow that’s a bittersweet tradeoff. You need roadies or very strong groupies.


You’re doing it wrong…You are supposed to carry 2x15’’ and 4x10 cabs. Something else to think about is to bring along another SVT head and slave it…just in case of emergency.


Amen to this. Last year I went amp-less, and it’s been a decent decision, but I really miss the simplicity of just plugging into an amp and playing. My somewhat large ears also miss not being squished into the arms of my glasses by my headphones whenever I’m playing (so keep that in mind, that if you go amp-less and don’t get monitors for whatever device you’re plugging into, you will be wearing some sort of headphone or earbud).

In the past I’ve had both the Fender Rumble 40 and 100. They’re both great amps, you couldn’t go wrong with either.

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Out of curiosity,

Have you ever heard of or played with any Eden amps before?

I can get an Eden EC-15 1x15" 180w amp for around 440$ CAD taxes and shipping included.

Was wondering if anyone has any experience with them.

my god… I feel like we could create a devastating loud band together.
You get it.

I played an Eden World Traveler head for decades.
I love it. Still love it, but it is in need of repair after lots and lots of tour abuse.
I also played their 4x10 XLT cabs and loved (still love, but don’t use them much) them.

I know that all companies change, and sometimes they move operations or manufacturing, so I don’t know what year the EC 15 is, or any details, but here’s a huge vote of confidence for Eden products in general.


When I want to play, I just plug in my bass and play. Still no amp. Still simple. Still no regrets :slight_smile: