Great Video on Practicing Effectively

I know, another thread on practicing. However, I just watched a video that really hit a chord with me and I think it deserves its own thread… This is excellent advice for practicing anything in life, not just bass, but it is done is a bass context.

My practice routines will be changing quite a lot based on this advice, which makes common sense when you think about it…


Here’s another take on practice from a good bassist which is quite different.

To me, your routine has to fit you. If I had a highly structuired routine, and I have tried, I would lose interest. When I take the b2b lessons, I often start with the workout and noodle it into something else. Everyone’s routine will be different.

I would say I fall somewhere between the two different camps. Sanne’s appraoch would not work for me, but neither would Cici’s.


I am just like her in regards to practice :slight_smile:

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This is how I’ve always approached practicing. I’ve always spent the vast majority of my time playing and very little practicing.

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Same here. That said: what works for me probably wouldn’t work for everyone, and I am not arguing that this is a fast way to advance. More of a statement of my own thing.

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I sat down to practice today on the new Schecter, I almost called it a Gretsch silly me, and I was planning to learn Cheap Sunglasses. I did some scales, played my normal warmup tunes, listened to Cheap Sunglasses a couple times, and then went to play. Two hour later really made no progress but did write a new groove.